Transmedia Storytelling

Posted on Jun 21, 2013 in All Posts, Filmmaking

Doing some research on Transmedia Storytelling and will be posting a few links to some very interesting articles. Lance Weiler  is featured in Filmmaker  magazine with an article about his Pandemic film which was shown at Sundance 2001. It brought together different aspect of storytelling and user experiences across a number of converging and cultural platforms. Below are his 6 tips for building a story world;


Six Tips For Building A Story World

1. Take time to evaluate the story you want to tell. This shouldn’t be a foreign concept to filmmakers but nonetheless is an important part of the creative process.

2. Ask yourself the hard questions. Why will anyone care? Is this the best way to tell the story? What appears to be a simple question is a key to designing an impactful transmedia experience.

3. Let go of a single POV. It is easy to think of extending the characters of your film but is that the most engaging way to tell the story beyond the film? Surely, there are other backstory elements or themes that can be mined to great effect and also be freeing at the same time.

4. Consider how you can show, not tell. This becomes even more important within a story that has many touch points. The show is also directly linked to someone experiencing and interacting with your story. Also, be prepared for the audience to show you things that you had not considered.

5. Make it easy for your audience to become collaborators. There are three C’s: Context, Content and Community. If you have clear calls to action, simple ways for audiences to understand where they fit within the experience and a reward for their efforts, you will be amazed at how passionate people who feel they are part of something can be.

6. Don’t let the world get in the way of the story! Just because you can build something does not mean you should. Do not let the hype around transmedia distract you from the story you want to tell.