Creamfields ’09

Posted on Oct 16, 2009 in Colour, Editing, Filmmaking, Hatched projects

Here is the first film I edited for Creamfields ’09. I wanted to do a moody little edit with  Sander Van Doorn arriving at Creamfields. Sander’s management company sent over his Purple Haze – ‘Bliksem’ track which was ideal to cut the film to. It was quite hard editing the actual helicopter footage into 30 seconds as there was so much good content. Had to be quite brutal in what stayed and what went. I also tried to be quite bold with changing shot sizes to vary the footage in the confined space.

Shot with a Sony Z1 – Edited in Final Cut Pro & graded in Color

Sander Van Doorn – Creamfields ’09 from the Hatch on Vimeo.

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